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Comprehensive after-sales service

HRR provides 24-hour follow-up services to ensure that customers can receive comprehensive post-employment support. We will regularly call the customer to follow up the performance of the employed foreign domestic and provide translation and counseling services. If necessary, we can provide additional training to the domestic helper. Employers who face employment issues, or questions about labor laws, please call any of our consultants, we sincerely do services for you.

Independent translation and counseling department
Provide immediate call and text translation, and counseling services for domestic helper to enhance communication and promote the employment relationship.

Translation and counseling service
Service Hour: from 9:30am to 6:30pm on Monday to Saturday.


Special workers follow up the performance of employed domestic helpers
Translator will actively contact the employer monthly to see and follow up the performance of the domestic helper, to provide timely support for employers and make them at ease.




Professional training for domestic helpers: VCD series
Exclusively produced by HRR, a series of training album well-prepared for employers, and convenient for employers to teach domestic helpers at home. (coming soon)